The University Mozarteum trains teachers on a very high standards. The activities in teaching as well as research in all parts of music- and art-pedagogy has a long tradition at this university and radiates internationally. Future pedagogies study at a worldwide acknowledged university of music and arts: Without any barriers they meet artists to whose artworks they will later refer to in their own classes. Therefor the high expectation of artistic perfection as well as the implementation to arts melt together. For example future teachers work together with future composers in joint courses of mediating contemprorary arts, or, students of elementary music- and dance pedagogy work on a project together with the tuba class. Musicology and music pedagogy brings together science and pedagogy in cooperative courses.

Just as important as the strong connection of the training of pedagogies to the authentic field of arts is, the conjunction of pedagogy with topic-relevant research (e.g. Musicology) as well as pedagogical and didactical research: since decades professorships for music pedagogy and arts pedagogy have been established at the University Mozarteum. Research results of different projects and doctor theses directly have an impact on the education.

Arts, research and their teachers have to stay in an intensive contact in the future. Only teachers who are able to realise arts and music autonomously will be able to mediate these. The requested facilities and ressources can only be offered by a university of arts. The ghettoisiation of studies at pedagogical high schools cannot come up to these standards.


The University Mozarteum follows these thoughts with the School of Music and Arts (SOMA): Arts, research and education are in intensive contact and have several common points in research and education. Building onto this the University Mozarteum cooperates with the partner university Paris-Lodron-Universit├Ąt and the pedagogical high school.